About Us

Smart Tech Enterprises is committed to advancing technological adaptation and contributing to the conglomerate’s progressive ecosystem. Smart Tech Enterprises is customer-centric and dedicated to fostering innovation and sustainable business practices. The partnership with Samsung electronics underscores Smart Tech’s commitment to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge technology to its customers. With a foundation anchored in pioneering tech solutions and a robust network, Smart Tech Enterprises is poised to expand its footprint in the digital and technological sphere. Its goal is to ensure a sustainable and technologically advanced future for the various sectors it serves.

Our Mission

Smart Tech Enterprises aims to bring modern electronics and innovative technology solutions to Iraq, creating a  obust nationwide electronic network. They’re committed to fostering a digitized Iraq that ensures accessibility and affordability of tech resources for all.

By combining global insights with localized
expertise, Smart Tech Enterprises capacitates individuals, businesses, and governmental bodies with state-of-the-art electronic gadgets and technology solutions, fostering an environment where innovation is integrated into daily lives. They aim to become a beacon of technological empowerment, bridging gaps and weaving connections through cutting edge technology.

Our Vision

Smart Tech Enterprises aims to bridge the gap between Iraq’s rich history and its future shaped by technology. The company plans to innovate custom-made technology and electronic solutions to meet the unique demands of the local and regional markets.

Smart Tech Enterprises seeks to establish Iraq as a hub of technological innovation. The company’s vision is empowering businesses, uplifting communities, and nurturing local talent while transcending borders through advanced solutions.